Afterwards, the management committee made a request to the female house owner surnamed Zhang, but failed to file a lawsuit.


[Reporter Xu Guozhen / Taichung Report] A fire broke out in a community building in the North District of Taichung City last year, causing fire damage to public spaces such as elevators. After investigation into the cause of the fire, it was confirmed that the extension cord of the resident named Zhang on the third floor was improperly used. Pay the follow-up maintenance cost of about 2.34 million yuan, and also obtained the promise of the resident. Unexpectedly, the management committee requested Zhang but failed to file a lawsuit. The first instance determined that the resident needs to compensate according to the contract and can still appeal.

The judgment pointed out that on the afternoon of September 12 last year, a fire broke out in a community building on Chenghua North Road, North District, Taichung City. After the firefighters evacuated the residents and put out the fire, although no casualties were caused, the fire started from the 3rd and 4th floors of the building. The pipeline continued to burn, causing damage to public facilities in the community. After the Taichung City Fire Bureau Fire Control Department entered the fire scene for identification and investigation, it was confirmed that the extension cord was improperly used at the residence of the female owner surnamed Zhang on the third floor, causing the electrical appliance to catch fire and resulting in a fire alarm.

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Afterwards, regarding the follow-up repairs such as public facilities pipelines, monitoring equipment, elevator damage, and waste removal and transportation, Zhang Nv was unable to handle it herself, so she entrusted the community management committee to deal with it, and the community management committee paid more than 2.34 million yuan after a meeting. There was also an entrustment agreement signed by Zhang Nv. Unexpectedly, the management committee sent notices in November last year, urging Zhang Nv to pay relevant repairs and necessary expenses, but Zhang Nv delayed and refused to pay.

The Administrative Committee sued the court for compensation for damages. During the trial of the case, Zhang’s attorney also had no objection to the Administrative Committee’s request. According to other regulations, Zhang Nv was asked to compensate the building for the damage caused by the fire, and Zhang Nv was sentenced to pay 2.34 million yuan to the management committee. From the day after the lawsuit was served to the settlement date, the deferred interest was calculated at an annual interest rate of 5%, and she could still appeal.