The countries of

the European Union

previously agreed on a training mission for the Ukrainian military.

The project should be adopted at the official meeting of the Council of the European Union on October 17.

This is reported by "RBK-Ukraine" with reference to Spiegel.

"Three thousand Ukrainian soldiers will undergo special training, in particular, combat tactics for commanders or courses for engineers," the message says.

The project is planned to be called the "Military Assistance Mission of the European Union".

Poland offered to place a large training camp near the border with Ukraine, where it would be possible to train combat groups up to a battalion.

However, Germany opposed.

"The Bundeswehr noted that its creation will take a long time. The camp must be widely protected from possible espionage by the Russian special services, possible attacks or sabotage, because it is known that the Russians monitored the exercises of the Ukrainian military at the Wildfleken training ground with the help of drones." , - notes Spiegel.

But the countries managed to find a compromise.

Poland should create a small headquarters with EU funds.

Instead of a central training camp, Ukrainians will be offered individual courses in EU countries.

The Bundeswehr could train Ukrainian commanders in tactics at the combat simulation center, and the country plans to train engineers, sappers, medics and other specialists.

The final details of the mission are to be agreed in Brussels next week.

It is planned to train up to 15,000 soldiers of the Armed Forces.

The head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin ,

praised Ukrainian defenders for the successful use of HIMARS MLRS

, which destroy Russian headquarters and warehouses with ammunition. 

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