A pair of mandarin duck thieves in the United States pretended to meet netizens, but in fact they wanted to rob the victim's property.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] 1 A pair of American mandarin duck thieves pretended to be a single woman on the dating software Tinder to lure a man into taking the bait, saying that they were making an offer to meet, but in fact they robbed the victim with a weapon, and the victim lost 3,000 US dollars (approximately NT$95,000). thousand dollars).

According to Arizona police, the couple was arrested after fleeing for several days, and the two were charged with multiple crimes each.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the victim met a woman named Sonia on Tinder and agreed to meet at a hotel in Phoenix on September 17.

When he was taken into a hotel room, he realized he had been deceived.

The suspect, Jose Sandoval Jaquez, pointed a pistol at the victim and demanded that he hand over his mobile phone, ID card, social media accounts, bank account information and other personal information.

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According to the police report, the victims lost a total of $3,000.

The couple who committed the case drove the victim's car to California and Las Vegas, decided to abandon the car and flee on foot, and finally hitched back to Phoenix.

When they wanted to repeat their old tricks and commit the crime again, the police managed to catch the couple by pretending that the victim was "fishing".

Jose Sandoval Jaquez was charged with attempted assault, robbery, theft, kidnapping and his girlfriend Crystal Hulsey with attempted assault, robbery, kidnapping and drug offences. name was prosecuted.