Taiwan University of Science and Technology students' self-made formula electric racing car was unveiled today, and it is expected to participate in international competitions in Japan next year.

(Provided by National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)

[Reporter Lin Xiaoyun/Taipei Report] National Taiwan University of Science and Technology students started from scratch and took more than a year to build a formula electric racing car, which was officially released today. It is expected to go to Japan in September next year to participate in the Formula SAE Japan international competition.

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology President Yan Jiayu congratulated the students on the official announcement of electric vehicles, and hoped to successfully obtain the standards and qualifications of international competitions. Rare learning.

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The Taiwan University of Science and Technology's Formula Racing Team was founded by Chen Baihua, a student in the Mechanical Manufacturing Group of the "Bachelor of Applied Science Program". He said that he and his classmate Lin Hongxin were both skill competition contestants. They have professional skills such as sheet metal, welding, cold work, etc. The dream of racing is to join the National Taiwan University team at the beginning. Because of the dream and passion for racing, I started to form a team in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. At first, there were few people. Team, integrate expertise in different fields, build the first student team of HKUST, and challenge international competitions.

Chen Baihua said that at the beginning, there was no manpower, no money, no space, and nothing. Relying on dreams, day and night, and even sacrificing their studies and health, the student team must seek sponsorship from schools, alumni, and manufacturers to raise funds, and it is even more necessary. Many technical guidance, venue space and various resources, team communication, work distribution, technology, funding control, personnel recruitment, and marketing planning are all issues that must be faced and learned. It took more than a year to build and introduce the first-generation electric racing car EV-927 of HKUST.

Chen Mingzhi, Dean of the School of Engineering at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, said that electric vehicles have a leading position in the industry in Taiwan and are also an important part of the supply chain. The campus needs to cultivate more electric vehicle talents.

Yao Zhenxiang, the general manager of Yulon Motor, is an alumnus of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. In addition to the support from Yulon, he also supported the students with his own money. He said that he is very happy to see the first electric vehicle EV927 achieve the phased goal. Yulon Motor attaches great importance to industry-university cooperation and hopes for the future I can have more cooperation opportunities with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and I also look forward to the students to continue to challenge greater ideals and goals.

Liao Yihong, a mechanical student who took over as the new captain, expressed his gratitude to many people in the industry for their selfless teaching of practical experience, such as car body, motor, and electric power. It has participated in the "FST Taiwan Cup Student Formula Student League" in Taichung in August this year. Through the process of tilt test, driver escape, mechanical test, power test, etc., the new generation team will start working on the power system. I hope more electrical and electronic students will join.