Liu Kangyan (left), spokesperson for the election office of Shen Huihong, a candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu from the Democratic Progressive Party, accompanied by lawyer Lin Jiaqi, reported to Wu Zijia, chairman of the Beauty Island Electronic News.

(Photo by reporter Cai Zhangsheng)

[Reporter Cai Zhangsheng / Bamboo City Report] Liu Kangyan, spokesperson for the election office of Shen Huihong, a candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu, of the Democratic Progressive Party, this morning, accompanied by lawyer Lin Jiaqi, formally charged Wu Zijia, chairman of the Beautiful Island Electronic News, with criminal defamation and the intention to strike out the election. People are not elected to spread fictitious facts told.

Liu Kangyan said that in his online program "Chairman's Lecture", Wu Zijia told an unspecified majority of people on the spot and online live broadcast that "Shen Huihong once sought a job with Ke Wenzhe", which was completely smeared and smeared, so he rang the bell and filed a lawsuit against him. Ways to defend innocence.

"Wu Zijia openly slandered Shen Huihong without providing any specific and credible evidence, accusing Shen Huihong of seeking office from Ke Wenzhe!" Liu Kangyan said, this is obviously a false rumor spread by Wu Zijia in order to promote Gao Hong'an's election. Today, it is taken very seriously. In the mood to formally report to Wu Zijia, hoping to curb the vicious election trend.

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Lawyer Lin Jiaqi said that Wu Zijia gave a speech in Hsinchu City on the evening of the 1st about Shen Huihong's visit to Mayor Ke Wenzhe in February and March this year, and agreed to serve as a 12-level counselor.

This remark seriously affected Shen Huihong's reputation and political image. For the fairness of the mayoral election in Hsinchu, Wu Zijia was charged with violating Article 104 of the Election Law and spreading falsehood, as well as the crime of defamation under Article 310 of the Criminal Law.

According to the investigation, Wu Zijia called "revelation" at the beginning of his speech that lasted for 7 or 8 minutes, and named Shen Huihong, then the deputy mayor of Hsinchu City, because Mayor Lin Zhijian was about to leave Hsinchu, Shen Huihong must seek the next job for himself, So he went to Taipei City Hall to seek a new job.

Wu Zijia has repeatedly said that he has already checked the evidence and is not afraid of criminal prosecution. He also shouted "Shen Huihong to sue me!" The purpose is to misunderstand that Shen Huihong has no intention of building Hsinchu and plans to defect to other counties and cities, and thus achieve the purpose of raising Gao Hong'an's electoral momentum.

Liu Kangyan also pointed out that the speech was nominally given by the media that day, but in fact it was Gao Hongan's own rally. There were many malicious attacks on the scene. Take full responsibility and publicly apologize to the citizens of Hsinchu.

From the election campaign to the present, Gao Hongan's series of gaffes, gaffes, and out-of-order words and deeds prove that she has absolutely no pattern and bearing as the mayor of Hsinchu.