is a great general in the northeastern region

An important force of the Thai Sang Party, Thai "Sia Tor", Tor Pong Chaisan, former Udon Thani MP, chairman of the Committee on International Relations

Thai Build Thai Party

This hour is working solemnly, earnestly, preparing for elections.

"Sia Tor" goes to political work, area work, along with checking the trend of the Thai Build Thai Party.

Explore your popularity

Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, the leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party, periodically

Confident in the Northeast

Thailand built Thailand will surely declare supremacy in the next election field.

Especially in Udon Thani, there are "Sia Tor" for everyone, guaranteed to have.

Member of the Thai Sang Thai Party

Walking into the council for sure, even if it's a new party, but will get

A substantial number of MPs

Keep an eye out, especially in the districts.

Today the villagers remember

I already know what the identity of the Thai Sang Thai party is.

Many people call it a "pension party". Say this word and understand the same.

The owner is delighted

I admit that it's hard work, but there's a lot of encouragement!!!

Kraiwit Sinthuprapa