The subject of 'foot' or foot is used in many sentences. For example, one foot in the grave 'One foot in the grave' literally means to be very ill or to be close to death. Very sick or near. will die

When asked about Lance

A friend said that Lance's got one foot in the grave.

(near death)

in drinking party among friends

Before parting, there will be the last drink.

It's this glass that a foreigner would say 'one for the road', meaning 'a last drink of alcohol before departing'.

She wants to set up an North Pole restaurant.

After finishing, he asked, What do you think my chance is?

you think the chance

(I'm going to open a restaurant) How are you?

Friends say at the same time, “One in a million!” One in a million, which means 'It's very difficult, my friend'.

Another common phrase is over and above, which means 'more' after a drink.

Sanford threw the glass.

The waiter said at the check, Anything over and above 20 dollars, you have to pay. You have to pay an additional $20.

'Close range shot' in another sense is.

'Clearly,' a friend asked Elisha how the man who took her to dinner yesterday.

Elisha shook her head and said, I told him point-blank that I didn't like him.

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