The Danish military released an aerial photo of the Baltic Sea on the 29th. The North Stream natural gas pipe ruptured and leaked, and a large range of air bubbles appeared on the sea.

(AFP file photo)

(Central News Agency) The Swedish Coast Guard announced today that the Nord Stream 1 (Nord Stream 1) gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea has stopped leaking, but the smaller leak point of Nord Stream 2 (Nord Stream 2) is still visible. In the case of leakage, the leakage point has slightly expanded.

The coast guard said in a statement: "Now from the sea, the larger leak (North Stream 1) has disappeared, but the smaller leak (North Stream 2) has leaked. The situation has increased slightly.”

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The statement also said that the above phenomenon was discovered by the defense team flying over two damaged pipelines at about 8 am this morning.

"It was found at that time that the smaller leak was about 30 meters in diameter," the defense force said.

Ulrich Lissek, a spokesman for the Nord Stream pipeline operator, said on the 1st that because the gas and water pressures had reached equilibrium, the Nord Stream 2 had stopped leaking that day.

As the Nord Stream pipeline transporting Russian natural gas to Europe was suspected of being vandalized on September 26, resulting in a gas leak, the Norwegian military announced that it will send soldiers to protect the main onshore oil and gas processing plant from today as a way to improve security. part of sexual effort.

At the request of the police, the Norwegian National Guard began deploying troops at oil and gas processing and export plants today.

Although, according to the Norwegian government, there are no known specific threats to oil and gas infrastructure, authorities believe it is prudent to step up security and try to calm workers' concerns.

Norway, Europe's largest supplier of natural gas and a major oil exporter, last week sent its navy and air force to patrol offshore oil fields and announced that it would receive aid from Britain, Germany and France for future patrols.

In addition, sources told Reuters that the Italian government has also stepped up monitoring of underwater energy and telecommunications cables following the leak of the Nord Stream pipeline.