Stray dogs in the Matou Mountains haunt in groups, waiting for an opportunity to attack wild animals.

(Provided by Matoushan Natural Humanities Association)

[Reporter Su Funan / Kaohsiung Report] The Matou Mountains at the junction of Qishan and Neimen districts in Kaohsiung City are rich in wildlife resources. Conservation volunteers recently inspected the surveillance video of the automatic camera installed in the resource survey and found a stray dog ​​biting a white nose. The dead juveniles passed by. According to volunteer reports, one white-nosed heart and one pangolin were attacked and killed by stray dogs in Matoushan last month. Matoushan Association for Nature and Humanities immediately notified the Kaohsiung City Animal Protection Department, which also captured many at the scene. dog cat.

Huang Huimin, chairman of the Matou Mountain Natural Humanities Association, said that volunteers of the association used infrared automatic cameras to investigate the natural ecology of Matou Mountain, including crab-eating mongoose, white-nosed heart, weasel badger, pangolin and sambar. There are many stray dogs in these wild animal sighting spots.

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Neinan Community Volunteers recently found a corpse of a white-nosed heart larvae near the resource investigation site. The head had been bitten to pieces. After reviewing the surveillance camera video, it was found that at 8:00 a.m. on September 24, a stray dog ​​was biting it. Only the corpse of the white-nosed heart larvae passed the investigation point.

Huang Huimin said that according to volunteer reports, a white-nosed pangolin and a pangolin died after being attacked by stray dogs in Matou Mountain last month, and another pangolin was seriously injured on the tail. For pangolins, in addition to the greatly reduced defensive posture and ability in the future, it will also have a great impact on the female pangolin's ability to carry cubs and raise young.

In addition to returning the dead body of Baibixin to the research unit, the Matoushan Natural and Humanities Association also immediately notified the Gaoshi Animal Protection Department to capture stray dogs and cats, and the Animal Protection Department also captured many dogs and cats on the spot. Animal road killings and dog killings often occur on the Taiwan 28 line. There have been many incidents of sambar escaping and jumping across the road and being hit by vehicles. It is most likely caused by being chased by stray dogs. We call on the government to face up to the feeding and abandonment of stray dogs. The problem.

In Kaohsiung's Neimen District, the Nan community volunteers recently found the corpse of a white-nosed heart larvae near the Matou Mountain resource survey site. The head had been bitten off.

(Provided by Matoushan Natural Humanities Association)

A pangolin with serious tail injuries after being attacked by stray dogs in the Matou Mountains.

(Provided by Matoushan Natural Humanities Association)