Chen Shizhong, candidate for mayor of Taipei from the Democratic Progressive Party, visited Tianmu J&R Children's Gymnastics Academy in the morning and interacted cordially with the children.

(Photo by reporter Zhu Peixiong)

[Reporter He Yuhua/Taipei Report] Chen Shizhong, a candidate for the Taipei mayoral election of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that it was "discrimination and harm" when his opponent Jiang Wanan criticized him for treating Taipei City harshly at ordinary times, but he was only diligent before the election. "Discrimination and harm" is a slander. He emphasized that during his tenure as Minister of Health and Welfare, he treated all counties and cities in the country fairly, and he did not favor or harm Taipei alone. He asked Jiang Wanan for such criticism of him, "What did he do for Taipei?"

Jiang Wanan's campaign office criticized Chen Shizhong for treating Taipei City harshly on the 2nd. He emphasized that Taipei is his hometown before the election. "Taipei City is his hometown, why does Chen Shizhong discriminate against it and hurt it?" .

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Chen Shizhong went to Tianmu today (3rd) to visit the J&R Children's Gymnastics Academy. He told Jiang Wanan's office that he discriminated against or hurt Taipei, and thought it was a slander. As the Minister of Welfare, all counties and cities across the country are treated fairly. Relevant resources are allocated according to needs and help counties and cities according to needs. It will neither favor Taipei nor harm Taipei alone.

Chen Shizhong, for example, said that when the epidemic situation in Shuangbei was relatively serious, the vaccine was requisitioned against all odds, hoping to make people's hearts more stable; at least during the epidemic, he noticed this situation, and he also distributed 10% more vaccines to Shuangbei City, which was severely affected by the epidemic.

From this perspective, he asked Jiang Wanan, "What did he do for Taipei after criticizing me?"

Regarding Jiang Wan'an's announcement of the fund-raising gadgets, Chen Shizhong wished him a successful fund-raising gadget. He has no plans for fund-raising gadgets at present, and the fund-raising is smooth. Thanks to many people for their support; but for Jiang Wan'an's recent criticism of last year's epidemic, the outside world thinks it may be There is no other trick to come up with, Chen Shizhong heard the words and said bluntly, "You are right."

Chen Shizhong, a candidate for the Taipei mayoral election of the DPP, visited Tianmu J&R Children's Gymnastics Sports Academy in the morning to observe the teaching content of gymnastics for coaches and students.

(Photo by reporter Zhu Peixiong)