The vaccine, which the Japanese government bought in large quantities two years ago, expired a few days ago, and a total of about 13.5 million doses were destroyed.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Since the outbreak of the epidemic, governments around the world have actively called on the people to vaccinate, but the uneven distribution of international resources has always been the focus of global attention.

The World Health Organization once criticized that advanced countries monopolize most vaccines.

Two years ago, the Japanese government signed a contract to purchase 120 million doses of AZ vaccine, of which 62.3 million doses were unsubscribed, 44 million doses were sent to other countries, only 200,000 doses were administered, and the remaining 13.5 million doses expired on September 30. .

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, Japan purchased 120 million doses of vaccines with the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca (AZ) in the past two years, of which 62.3 million doses were cancelled, and the government launched vaccine diplomacy in June 2021. , and successively provided Taiwan, Vietnam and other countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for free, a total of 44 million doses of AZ vaccine.

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The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare originally purchased 120 million doses of the vaccine, and intends to use AZ as the first and second doses of the vaccine in China. However, due to cases of adverse reactions such as thrombosis reported abroad, the number of AZ vaccine recipients in Japan has not increased. About 200,000 doses were administered.

A few days ago, the vaccine expired, and all 13.5 million doses of unadministered medicines were destroyed. The government's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare also announced that the use of the British AZ vaccine in Japan has ended.

The person in charge of the relevant business of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare said that at that time, it was not known which pharmaceutical company could successfully develop the vaccine first, so it was necessary to contact and sign a contract with the pharmaceutical company, and it was also a last resort to destroy expired vaccines.

Subsequent pharmaceutical companies will deduct some necessary costs and return the signing fee of 62.3 million doses of unsubscribed vaccines to the Japanese government.