In the Vidin region, "GERB-SDS" is the first political force with 28.75 percent (8,217 votes) with 100 percent of the protocols of the 257 sectional election commissions in RIC processed.

This is indicated by the data published on the website of the Central Election Commission for the 5th MIR-Vidin.

Second is "Continuing the Change" with 17.26 percent of the votes (4,935 votes).

DPS is the third political force with 12.64 percent of the vote (3,900 votes). 

The fourth political force in the district is "BSP for Bulgaria" with 11.90 percent (3,401 votes).

Following are "Democratic Bulgaria - Unification" with 8.06 percent (2,304 votes), "Vazrazhdane" with 8.02 percent (2,292 votes).

They are followed by "Bulgarian Rise" with 3.46 percent (988 votes), "There is such a people" party with 3.34 percent (955 votes) and "Stand Up, Bulgaria" with 1.35 percent (385 votes). . 

The option "I do not support anyone" was chosen by 926 voters from the 5th MIR - Vidin.

29,727 voters exercised their right to vote yesterday in the district, which represents 35.71 percent of the 83,234 eligible voters.

In the November 2021 parliamentary elections in the Vidin region, the turnout was 34.20 percent, which is 1.51 percent lower than the current rate.

Then 29,076 out of a total of 85,010 voters voted, according to a BTA report on the CEC website.

1,776 fewer were eligible to vote in the current vote.

At the parliamentary vote in November 2021 in the 5th MIR Vidin, 28.09 percent (7,968 votes) voted for "GERB-SDS".

20.59 percent (5,840 votes) voted for "Continuing the Change". Third and fourth were "BSP for Bulgaria" with 14.96 percent (4,244 votes) and "There is such a people" - with 11.67 percent (3,311 votes).

DPS remained in fifth position with 6.29 percent (1,783 votes), Democratic Bulgaria - United (DA Bulgaria, DSB, Green Movement) received 5.67 percent (1,609 votes), "Vazrazhdane" - 3.41 hundred (966 votes) and "Stand up BG!

We are coming!” -3.27 percent (928 votes).

446 voters did not support anyone.

"GERB-SDS", "Continuing the Change", "BSP for Bulgaria" and "There is such a people" won 1 mandate each in the 47th National Assembly.