When is Oleg's name day?

Oleg's name day in 2022 according to the Orthodox calendar is celebrated on:

October 3


Oleg has been confident and assertive since childhood.

Endowed with a sharp mind and iron logic.

He easily turns most of his fantasies into reality.

In adulthood, a man becomes closed in himself.

Can be cold to loved ones.

Congratulations on the Day of Angel Oleg in your own words

My dear Olezhyku!

I wish that the path to happiness was easy and simple.

I wish you to walk this path carefree and meet only goodness and love.

You are a beautiful person with a strong male core, I wish you always achieve success and do not lose yourself.

And most importantly, always remain the same charismatic, attractive, smiling and kind man.


Today I congratulate Oleg from the bottom of my heart.

It is not for nothing that such a kind, strong, brave, intelligent and courageous boy was named so.

I wish to always remain wise, fair, diplomatic, successful and strong, like Prophet Oleg.

Let there be a clear sky and a bright sun above your head, let joy and love settle in your heart.


Oleg, live happily and bask in the rays of success!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you many good friends, eternal love and comfort at home!

May wealth, success and good health be your faithful companions in life!


Oleg, I wish you a bright and eventful life, with great prospects and great discoveries!

Be positive, always remain young in both soul and body, firm in character and prudent in making serious decisions.

May your health be strong, I wish you self-confidence and enthusiasm!


Congratulations, Oleg.

I wish you wisdom, ambition, willpower, confidence, courage, and good health.

Oleg, I wish that luck is always on your side.

I wish to do without difficulties and obstacles on the way to success.

I wish true love and reliable friendship in life.

Congratulations on the Day of Angel Oleg: poems

Your name Oleg is the best of the names that

your mother blessed you with,

and an angel took you under his wing

to protect you until the end of your life!

Let him go a long way

together with you, let him grieve and rejoice together with you,

you believe in him, because he will not let you down,

there will always be hope for him!


Your name is Oleg, solid as a rock,

on which your patron built

the Church of Christ, which has stood for centuries,

and for which he stood to the end.

So be also always determined,

So that the angel inspires you,

In all deeds and good undertakings,

Always helps you.

Live with love for people,

And this love will be repaid to you,

Health, joy of the soul, Will be given for

many years!


Oleg has a holiday now,

many friends have already come.

Flowers are also gifts,

and hugs and kisses.

But the main thing is that Fate

will continue to smile at this house


that Hope and Faith will live,

and Love, spreading its wings, will

warm every heart here.


There are many holidays in the world.

Name day is also a holiday -

The sweetest of all:

Gifts and cake -

Everything Oleg, everything - for you.

An angel looks down from the sky

at your merry holiday

and seems to want to remind you

that you have a saint in your

name, just like yours.

He protects you,

loves you and warns you:

Be kind to both people and God,

do not shy away from your saint - and celebrate

each of your birthdays

together with him.


I will pray for Oleg to all the angels in the world

And I will ask for an ear of corn in the ripe rye,

And I will ask for health and happiness for you,

Joy of the bright, blue sky.

I will only ask for faith and strength for you, so

that troubles do not sweep you away.

I will ask you for the strength to cry and be steadfast, so

that everyday worries on the road will be left behind.

I will pray for you to all the angels in the world,

May they give you long and bright years.

Happy Angel Oleg's Day: SMS

Oleg, you are both a logician and an analyst.

No one will say that Olezhik is a whiner.

He is an optimist.

Sometimes he is a harsh critic.

In the sciences, he reaches heights.

And glory and honor await him.


Olezhyk, do not listen to anyone, no matter what happens - smile!

May happiness be limitless, and all dreams become reality.


Oleg, I wish on the Day of the Angel

that you have everything in full:

health, happiness, inspiration,

and a satisfied wife.

May he be waiting for you at home, smiling,

May your children please you , May joy

reign in your soul,

And happiness and peace in your heart!



Many know your noble qualities, but not everyone knows that you received them along with your worthy name!

On a cool October day, accept our warm greetings!

Happy Angel Day!


Yours, Oleg, today is the Day of the Angel,

May he bring you luck!

Always be in a good mood -

this is the key to success all year round!

We will not wish you banalities:

The main thing is that life leads forward,

To be surrounded by those who love,

And love to be mutual!

Angel Oleg's Day: pictures in Ukrainian

Happy angel Oleg's day / Photo: TSN.ua

Happy angel Oleg's day / Photo: TSN.ua

Happy angel Oleg's day / Photo: TSN.ua

Happy angel Oleg's day / Photo: TSN.ua

Happy angel Oleg's day / Photo: TSN.ua