Han sure, Manchester City fans posted pictures tease Manchester United fans that they changed teams to cheer.

After the first half was shot perforated.

On October 3, 65, the aftermath after the "Red Devils" Manchester United defeated "The Blues" Manchester City in a 3-6 defeat in the English Premier League on Sunday. come

On social media, football fans posted tease photos of Manchester United fans who came to mix with the Blues cheering squad at the Etihad Stadium, but after the first half at the Red Devils After 0-4, the ghost fan suddenly changed to a blue shirt to watch the game in the second half.

The comments rumbled, some people said, "If you can't beat them,

and join them.”

However, there was an argument that the two images were different matches.

Probably a Man City fan who wants to create more content.

For example, the man in front of the youngster was wearing a different Manchester City hoodie. 

Manchester City's victory gave them 20 points, second in the table, just one point behind Arsenal, while Manchester United's 12 points remain the same.

Parked at number 6