The High Council of Governors criticized the Gao City Council for being sloppy, and Ji Jin demanded that the council be changed to allow Ji to come in.

(Photo by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang / Kaohsiung Report] The Kaohsiung City Citizens Supervision and Public Servants Alliance announced last week the evaluation of the members of the 7th session of the Kaohsiung City Council Regular Assembly, and it was generally rated as "the most undisciplined session of this year"!

Taiwan Jijin was worried that the efficiency of the parliament could not keep up with Chen Qimai's momentum. This morning, he went to the Gao City Council to shout, calling on the members to elect the new generation and change the parliamentary base.

Ji Jin is led by candidate Zhang Boyang of Sanmin District, candidate Zhang Tingting of Renwu Niaosong Dashu Taishe City Council, and candidate Yang Peihua of Linyuan Daliao City Council, together to express their demands before the parliament; 3 people quoted Gaodu League The relevant figures questioned "the mayor has been fighting for four years for two years, and the councillors have been fighting for four years?", and called on the public to replace unfit councillors.

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The Gao Dumeng stated that there is only one general question per session, which is the most important occasion for parliamentarians to ask about politics, but there were as many as 5 parliamentarians who raised written questions (among them, only Senator Huang Jie was diagnosed with a valid reason).

In addition, there are only 30 members who have "questioned for less than 50 minutes", which is less than half, and 19 members who have "questioned for less than 30 minutes", or 30%!

It shows that the majority of parliamentarians are busy in the primary election, and they have no intention of asking about politics and neglect their duties!

Taking the committee as an example, 7 committees held a total of 14 meetings (2 for each committee), of which there were 20 people who "did not meet at the committee site" (sign-in but did not attend, or did not sign in and did not attend) , nearly 1/3 of all parliamentarians; and only 22 attended the whole time (no late arrivals and early departures), only about 1/3.

And the meeting to review the bill also underperformed.

There are a total of 8 bills in this session, and 4 of them have been approved. The efficiency is good; however, the number of speakers at the review session is only 15 in total, and most members are still not interested in reviewing the bills.

In the end, there were 1,056 proposals by members in this session, which was slightly less than the 1,064 proposals in the fifth session, but it was also the third time that it "breaks 1,000", the second highest in history.

However, there are only more than 400 proposals focusing on "city-wide development", and more than 600 proposals focusing on "local construction", which is less concerned than the previous two sessions; "There are more than 200 proposals, it is obvious that the lawmakers are facing the election period, and in order to strive for "performance", they are more focused on building proposals in constituencies.

Due to the end of the year elections, the High Council of Governors calls on voters to surpass political parties, elect good councillors who "care for politics and supervise municipal affairs", and eliminate the "Old Councillors" who are confused. This is the blessing of the citizens!