The four-forked cat PO released a comparison photo of Ke Wenzhe and Chen Shizhong at the Huannan Market Friendship Gala yesterday.

(Picture taken from Liu Yu's Facebook)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The election situation in Taipei City is fierce, and candidates of various parties are also stepping up to sweep the streets to worship votes, but in the process of worshipping votes, relevant epidemic prevention measures must be followed. Liu Yu) posted a photo of Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe and DPP Taipei mayoral candidate Chen Shizhong on Facebook PO.

Liu Yu posted a comparison photo on Facebook PO. You can see that the background in the photo is yesterday's social party at Huannan Market. Ke Wenzhe did not wear a mask and waved to the stalls sitting in the seats, while Chen Shizhong showed his affinity. Taking a photo with the children and the vendors, Liu Yu said in his post, "Chen Shizhong who wears a mask all the way VS Ke Wenzhe who goes around the venue without a mask".

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Netizens have left comments in their posts, "I wear a mask or not, it's up to you whether you are happy or not," "Do not wear a mask to prevent epidemics!", "Is this the mentality of being the mayor of the crane tail for epidemic prevention?", "I think I am the epidemic prevention commander. The official is not too bad, just not wearing a mask, I want to kick it down", "I can see that everyone has more love for Ah Zhong."