During the period when the book "Many Lives" by Teacher Mom Kukrit Pramoj was a big trend, K.Kai Publishing House published a book, Many Lives in the Chinese Chronicles of L.A. Sathiensut, first published in 1970, selling well, had to print the 2nd time. 1983

The book I'm holding is the 2nd printing, old paper, smelly frame.

But each life story within the book

No matter how many times I read it, it still smells good.

Title 47: Emperor Eao Tong

"He asked me not to be born again as an emperor." After reading it, I stumbled. Must continue reading.

according to chinese history

Considered that the Sui dynasty has two emperors.

But the truth is that there is still a third person, Emperor Eao Tong.

Reign for two more years

In the 13th year of the reign of Emperor Iang Di, Sui Dynasty (1162), there was a riot in the mainland of China.

The emperor had to go to Yang Chau in the south of the Yangtze River, appointing Chao Yeo Tong, 8 years old, his favorite grandson.

is the keeper of the city of Loyang

But the great city keeper, only 8 years old, played the role of the leader well.

He listened to the reports of the ministers.

I can remember the names of almost all senior civil servants.

When there was any doubt, he asked his mother.

while listening to Amart to give a lecture on the governance of the land every day

That year, the first emperor of the Tang dynasty

captured the city of Chiang An

King Yang Di was assassinated in Yangzhou.

In Loyang City, a ceremony was held for Chao Yeo Tong, then 14 years old, to be crowned emperor.

His Highness initiated the process of land administration.

With 7 people in government administration, 6 people are in harmony with each other, but 1 person, Heng Si Chong, the general rebellious ... the young emperor knows the way.

He ordered the establishment of an army to suppress the rebels.

overseeing a large general

Young emperor with a great general

Not long after playing politically, Heng Si Chong.

won the power

Emperor Eaw Tong

abdicate the throne

The last scene of the emperor Io Tong... has arrived.

General Heng Si Chong

visit to offer liquor

The king knew it was poison and asked for time to say goodbye to his mother, but Heng Zixong refused.

The king had no choice.

He turned his face to worship the Buddha image... and prayed loudly.

"Next life

Please don't be born as a king again."

This prayer, L.Sathiensuth, the author commented that

counts as a prayer

express a wish

opposite of the people in the world

that most of them want to be big

The story of King Io Tong

The tragic scene is not over yet.

When he accepted the cup of poisoned liquor and drank it,

But the potency of the poison was still not instantaneous.

General Heng Si Chong

slide into the back

Repeatedly use a rope to tie the neck.

History records that the Emperor Yeo Tong

He used the name of the reign for 2 years, but in fact reigned only one year.

General Heng Si Chong

soon became the emperor who reigned

was hit by Prince Li Si Bin

(Emperor Tang Taichung) led his army to defeat in the year 1164

story in chinese history

It is an important lesson to teach the next generation of leaders...no power can last forever.

On the other side of luck, there will always be great disasters that follow.

kirin pralongchoeng