The site where the crash occurred.

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[Reporter Xu Guozhen / Taichung Report] A construction site in Xitun District, Taichung City was shocked to hear about a fall from a building. A pair of male and female workers who were working at the site were previously lovers. They negotiated on the top floor about 5 stories high today at noon. During the process, a fierce quarrel was suspected. The man actually fell from the building in front of the woman. Although he fell to the container house on the construction site for a little buffer, he fell into a coma on the spot. He was sent to the hospital and is still under observation.

After investigation, Zheng Nan and Zhan Female, 40 and 35 years old respectively, are currently workers at a construction site at the entrance of Chaofu 2nd Street and Chaoma 3rd Street in Xitun District. The quarrel over economic factors and other issues broke up because of this, but because they were in the same working environment, they often met and quarreled. Today at 12:48 noon, the two met to the top floor of the 5th floor to negotiate, and the disagreement broke out again. conflict.

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In the chaos, Zheng Nan fell from the building in front of his ex-girlfriend. Fortunately, he fell above the container house on the construction site and did not fall directly to the ground. When the construction site colleagues were shocked, they quickly notified the police and evacuated the scene. An ambulance took the unconscious Zheng Nan. After being sent to the hospital, he has pneumothorax and is still in a coma. The police have assisted in contacting family members to take care of him to the hospital, and have also further clarified the exact cause of the fall.

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