The occupiers in the Kherson region are suffering heavy losses, but they are forbidden to retreat "despite all the laws of military science", because it would deal a blow to the authority of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, Colonel Roman Kostenko of the SBU, said this on the YouTube channel of TSN.

As Kostenko noted, for the Russian Federation, strategically, the south of Ukraine is a higher priority than the east.

According to him, in the south, the troops of the Russian Federation are "suffering very much from our Armed Forces."

"Our Armed Forces in the southern direction inflict damage on them, they suffer huge losses every day. But politically, Putin does not withdraw his troops from the right bank, because he understands that this is a blow to his authority. In fact, of all the declared goals, the only regional city , which the armed forces of the occupiers were able to capture," Kostenko said.

As the SBU colonel explained, Putin understands "what a blow this will be to him."

"They are holding on, we heard how they were motivated on the radio - now this is your land, you have to fight as for our land. But the feedback was not motivated enough. That is why they are forced to hold on despite all the laws of military science," he added.

As reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are developing a counteroffensive in the Kherson region.

Under the strikes of the Armed Forces, the Russian army left dozens of settlements.

Military experts do not rule out that the Ukrainian military can repeat the successes of the recent counteroffensive in the Kharkiv direction.

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