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Shivsena is going to have two Dussehra rallies in Mumbai.

Both the Uddhav faction and the Shinde faction are calling themselves the real Shiv Sena.

Uddhav Thackeray will address the Dussehra rally at Shivaji Park, while Chief Minister Eknath Shinde will address the rally at BKC Maidan.

Chief Minister Eknath Shinde spoke EXCLUSIVE to NDTV between Dussehra rally and the ongoing fight over the real Shiv Sena in the Election Commission. 


This time two Dussehra rallies are going to be held in Mumbai, how is the preparation for your rally going? 


I had gone today to see the preparations for the rally.

Preparations are starting in full swing.

Thousands of lakhs of people who are going to come, from all over Maharashtra, they should not have any problem, they should come and go comfortably, for that people of the whole department are working.

Tomorrow the preparation will be completed.

This rally will be successful.


Do you think those who are Shiv Sainiks will remain confused because two rallies are being held in Mumbai, one at Shivaji Park and one at BKC Maidan? 


Whatever the ground, ideas are important and we are carrying forward the ideology of Balasaheb Thackeray.

Taking forward his role.

That's why people are getting support.

Wherever I go, I see people, seeing their spirit, it is known that the role we have.


Will this Dussehra rally be seen as a show of strength by the Shinde government? 

Answer: We do not exert any power.

We are just working people.

People will come regularly, they know that it is the people who do this work and they do what they say.

Our role is clear, this state and the common people of this state have to be taken forward, we are doing the work of doing what is aapla manus.

People have faith, that's why people from the state are coming and joining us.


It is also being speculated that some people may join you.

The name of Uddhav Thackeray's PA Milind Narvekar is also going on.

What would you say? 


He doesn't know.

Who has said, he has not had any conversation with me. 


Now the issue of Supreme Court.

Your case has now been given to the Election Commission.

It was considered as a big victory.

How do you look ahead to it now?

Will you get the real Shiv Sena and the election symbol?

The matter is with the Election Commission and you have the figures?


The point is clear.

In a democracy there is a constitution, there is a law.

According to him things happen.

Majority is of great importance.

We have 40 MLAs out of 55, 10 independent MLAs.

Let alone the Independent MLA, but 40 out of 55 MLAs are with us.

We have 12 out of 18 MPs.

Out of the country, 14 heads of state are with us, lakhs of people are with us.

It is simple, 40 out of 55, 12 out of 18, so the majority is clear, it is clear.


Are you and BJP going to fight BMC elections together?

It hasn't been announced yet? 


We will fight together.

We have a natural alliance, Shiv Sena BJP government is working in the state.

Whatever local body elections are to come, we will fight together.


There are many allegations against you.

Ashok Chavan said that in 2017, you wanted to go with Congress, many allegations have been made against you in the Saamana editorial.

How would you answer?


I will answer by working.

I am a working Chief Minister, I am a Chief Minister who works on the field, so all those who are making allegations are afraid that if this work continues like this, then what will happen next.

So I will keep doing my job.