German Air Force Commander Lieutenant General Gerhardt (left) met with Japan Aviation Chief of Staff Toshiji Itsuji at the Japanese Defense Ministry in Tokyo on September 29.


◎Mao Yi

On the 29th, Japanese and Chinese のドイツ Air Force トップ, ゲルハルツ巏 Supervisor, ををれ of the Ministry of Defense, and Toshiji Itsutsu, Chief of Aviation Staff, and a joint meeting with した.

Luftwaffe Commander Ingo Gerhartz, who came to Japan, visited the Japanese Ministry of Defense on September 29 and held a joint press conference with Chief of Aviation Staff Toshiji Itsuka.

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With the supervisor, "Japan and ドイツは trade of freedom, democracy, keeper, るパートナーだ" and shu べ, ocean in and out を strong め る China を idea に, and the country's cooperative relationship をアピールした.

"Japan and Germany are partners who respect (values) such as freedom of trade and democracy," Gerhardz said.

He called for a (strengthened) partnership between the two countries, taking into account China's growing presence in the ocean.

ドイツはインドへのへのををめめ, air force planes in the same region are dispatched to various countries for training and to participate in している.

On the 28th, the "Yu ロ フ ァ イ タ ー" "Yu ロ フ ァ イ タ ー" came from Japan.

Germany has increased its participation in the Indo-Pacific region, sending its Air Force aircraft to the region for multinational (joint) training.

Its "Eurofighter" (Eurofighter) flew to Japan for the first time on the 28th.

ニュース‧キーワード News Dictionary

アピールする: verb, English appeal, appeal, accuse, popular, praised, attractive (appeal, charm).

Example: Anti-nuclear (はんかく) をアピールする.

(Call for anti-nuclear.)

Guan Yu (かんよ): noun, add する as a self-verb, participate.

Example: かのじょ) はこのことに close and する気 (き)はない.

(She has no intention of participating in this.)

Supervisor (そうかん) / Shunji Itsutsu (いづつしゅんじ) / Aviation Chief of Staff (こうくうばくりょうちょう) / Trading (こうえき) / Air Force Aircraft