Chiayi County Minxiongyi Disposal Team shot a handsome recruitment video.

(Provided by Zhang Wenrong)

[Reporter Lin Yizhang/Chiayi Report] Chiayi County Minxiong Yixing Team has a large number of retired members in recent years. In order to recruit volunteers, deputy team leader Zhang Wenrong proposed an idea to shoot a creative recruitment video for the "Professional Dress Up Challenge" with the volunteers. , showing the process of receiving a task during volunteer work and quickly changing clothes to join the rescue, hoping to attract enthusiastic young people to join in. Among them, "quasi volunteer" Wang Yizhen changed into the mirror, and will become the first female disaster relief volunteer in the team. Bright.

Zhang Wenrong said that national resources are limited, but civil power is unlimited. Volunteer firefighters are enthusiasts from all walks of life who play an important role in disaster relief and rescue and support firefighting work. The team members are very supportive and hope that the passionate young people can join the volunteer fire and protect the society.

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Zhang Wenrong said that some people have a stereotyped impression of volunteer firefighters, and they misunderstand that they need to socialize frequently. In fact, through long-term training, volunteer firefighters can acquire professional disaster relief skills and can do many things, including wiring, rescue, destruction of equipment, rescue and lifesaving on the water. , so through the filming of the film, to let the community know that there is a need for rescue, volunteer consumers will help as much as possible.

Wang Yizhen's parents are Wang Qinghuang, the leader of the volunteer fire department, and He Meixue, the leader of the Phoenix Volunteer Branch. She has wanted to be a firefighter since she was a child. She married and had children when she was young, and did not engage in fire work to take care of her family. She is about to join the ranks of volunteer firefighters. , together with parents to help society.

Professional Dress-Up Challenge: Insurer Wang Yizhen changed into a wiring hand, water and fertilizer master Hong Shiju changed into a gunner, car mechanic Kang Cijie changed into a saboteur, delivery engineer Zhang Wenrong changed into a search and rescuer, meatball master Guo Tongyi changed Pretending to be a life-saver, it shows the process of volunteering when he was at work, when he learned that he needed to assist in the task. Teachers and students of the kindergarten attached to Rong Elementary School participated in the shooting.

Zhang Wenrong said that as long as they live in Minxiong Township, villagers between the ages of 18 and 40, and boys who have completed their service, can join the Minxiong Volunteer Campaign.

Insurer Wang Yizhen's picture of changing into the mirror is full of vitality.

(Reported by reporter Lin Yizhang)

Guo Tongyi, who sells meatballs, received the task and put down the meatballs at hand and hurried to assist in the rescue.

(Reported by reporter Lin Yizhang)