The armed forces of Ukraine in the Luhansk region can repeat the success they achieved in the Kharkiv direction, but certain conditions are necessary for this.

This was stated by Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military-political commentator of the "Information Resistance" group, in a commentary on "24 Channel".

"When there are suitable conditions, we will be able to observe quite large-scale, active and intensive actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Luhansk region," the expert says.

In particular, it is about:

  • decrease in the efficiency of the management system of advanced units of the occupying forces;

  • reducing the efficiency of their supply.

"In this case, the conditions will be more or less created in order to influence the further development of events. Another stage is the leveling of the possibilities of logistical arteries to provide or redeploy reinforcements for units or their evacuation," Kovalenko noted.

According to the expert, the occupiers have the potential for offensive actions, but it is insufficient for defense.

According to him, precisely those units focused on carrying out offensive actions are concentrated on the Donbas bridgehead.

"But in defense, this is a completely different scenario for the use of this resource. Right now, they will not be able to use it effectively enough. They will only be able to slow down the advance of the Armed Forces, and not block it, as is necessary during defense," Kovalenko believes.

Previously, military expert Petro Chernyk explained why the Russians began to hit infrastructure facilities in Ukraine after the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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