Boxing camp announced the ban.

The famous Thai boxer Dao Tik Tok caused a scandal in the chat asking to see the secret of a woman.

Even though he has come out and confessed

On October 3, 2022, after the Thai boxing industry

There's drama

This time, the story happened outside the boxing stadium because "Sia Boat" Natthadej Wachirarattanawong, a young promoter of Petchyindee Camp.

made a short post

The most bloody way that

"Your nature

There must be no place to stand in the boxing industry," which originated from

The case of a trend in the online world that a male boxer is a star, Tik Tok has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Chat to ask to see the girl's secret

He also borrowed money from other people. Recently, the boxer has come out to confess.

which the future of the person does not know what will be

Especially in the Thai boxing industry, because the Boxing Revolution Phuket

order to ban the protagonist

is fine

which the owner of the Boxing Revolution Phuket has sent via a message

with the meaning that

May I ask you to write something in the Muay Siam and Muay Thai community?

The protagonist's embarrassing behavior is totally unacceptable.

And no one in the camp was aware of this.

As a family member

I have to be responsible for my camp, children, boxers, staff and customers, as well as the Muay Thai society.

Without hesitation and my duty is to prohibit his fighting in Thailand and abroad.

He will no longer be involved in Revolution. Hopefully this will be a lesson for the perpetrators.

that their actions will bring their own punishment.

Signed Tim Fisher .