The same cannot be said about the people of Russia as about the Ukrainian people.

None of those who are now being sent to


after criminal mobilization will be able to explain why it is for him personally, why he should risk his life.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, stated this in his evening address on October 3.

"We can already see it among the dead occupiers and those who were taken just a week or two ago. The people were not prepared for combat, they have no experience to fight in such a war. But the Russian command just needs some people - any , to put them in the place of the dead. And when these new ones die, they will send more people. This is how Russia fights. This is how it will lose," the president emphasized.

Zelensky emphasized that Russia will not be helped by any pseudo-referendums, any announcements about annexations, any conversations about the borders they invented, which are drawn in an unclear place...

"There is a clear and internationally recognized border of Ukraine. There is life that we must protect. There is security that we must restore. And all this will happen. We are doing all this," he summarized.

We will remind you that the Pentagon believes that

Ukraine has begun to achieve its strategic goals in the war with Russia


We are talking about successes during the offensive in the Kharkiv, Donetsk and Kherson directions.

The Pentagon believes that in order for the Armed Forces to drive out the invaders, it is necessary to support Ukraine with weapons. 

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