Residents of the occupied areas of the Kherson region are at risk of a humanitarian crisis, as the Russian military uses the few crossings across the Dnipro to transport weapons, not food.

The Secretary of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, Colonel

Roman Kostenko

of the SBU, said this on the YouTube channel of TSN.

According to Kostenko, "

a humanitarian crisis may be brewing in these regions


"The enemy is trying to use all this (crossings - ed.) to transport ammunition and logistics for their troops. And there are our people, for whom food actually does not get there, the enemy does not deal with this. This problem is brewing, we need to understand, how to deal with it," he explained.

Kostenko also said that the

Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Russian military are waging a "war of crossings" in the Kherson region


"They have more than one direction, they use pontoon crossings, they are constantly being repaired. The ferries they transport, we are impressed, but Russia is a resource country. They were going to war with the whole world, so they have enough of this junk. Plus, according to our data , they restored the supply through the Novokakhov dam. That's why we are constantly impressed, they are restoring," he said.

SBU colonel Roman Kostenko also said that the occupiers in the Kherson region are suffering heavy losses, but they are forbidden to retreat "despite all the laws of military science."

As reported, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are developing a counteroffensive in the Kherson region.

Under the strikes of the Armed Forces, the Russian army left dozens of settlements.

Military experts do not rule out that the Ukrainian military can repeat the successes of the recent counteroffensive in the Kharkiv direction.

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