• Mobilize the PTT Group at the big event, PTT Group CEO Town Hall 2022 Atthaphon Rerkpiboon, President and President of PTT, announced future plans.

    which is adjusted in line with the vision of Powering Life with Future Energy and Beyond for the goals in 2030 through long-term goals to grow 3 GROWTH, namely BUSINESS GROWTH, NEW GROWTH and CLEAN GROWTH.

  • This event was attended by CEOs of all 6 flagship companies, namely Montree Lawanchaikul, PTTEP Wirat Uanarumit, TOP Kongkraphan Intarachang GC, Chavalit Tippawanich, IRPC, Worawat Pittayasiri, GPSC, and Ying Neew Jiraphon Khaosawad OR joined the media. strategy

    including operations towards Carbon Neutrality and Net Zero Emission goals.

  • Hang around and gamble with the family's birthday number every draw. Recently, Sakun Bunnag received money from the number 50, which is her husband's birthday, Danuch, who was born on the 5th day again.

  • When Sup's parents didn't want their children to leave the water sports, Thitiya Okada, the outstanding mother, caught her son practicing Sup in the morning and in the afternoon sent him to practice basketball as he requested.

  • After moving 'Niyom-Homemade' to near Chiang Mai Airport, Panithi Thephasadin Na Ayutthaya received a large group of guests from

    Bangkok that orders almost everything

    When the guests returned, they realized that the person who complimented every dish was Chumsri Arnold, which Khun Um-Panithi.

    According to reading textbooks with rice in

    "Ploy Kamphet" every episode

  • Dedicated to organic agriculture, the Thai way, Sanhajuta Chirathivat visited the members

    Both interested and seriously studying with high-level agricultural lecturers, including Nirat Pongsitthaworn.

    Governor of Chiang Mai

    which is a pioneer

  • Send sunscreen to people around you to use.

    With the slogan of being a woman, don't stop being beautiful, Chatwitai Tantraporn is targeting women aged 60+ as a special case.

  • Intended to take his father to a health check as a birthday present, but Nongnat Kamalat Na Ayudhaya was so stressed that the hives asked for it.

    When the blood value of prostate cancer was high, he left the doctor and took him to see a monk to make merit at the monk hospital.

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