Why do you need to close the toilet lid when flushing?

The answer to this question was provided by microbiologists.

It was they who discovered the phenomenon that was called the "toilet plume."

According to their research, every time we flush, this "toilet plume" rises above the toilet - an aerosol column up to 2 meters high, made up of water, air and particles from our stools.

According to research, particles of excrement and bacteria from this cloud are spread to a distance of up to four meters.

These toilet plume particles are found on all nearby surfaces and things, including towels, cosmetics and even toothbrushes. 

Of course, the number of particles and bacteria that get from the toilet to the toothbrush due to one flush is negligible.

But the problem is that they can accumulate on the surfaces where they fall and multiply there.

Research shows that "toilet plume" can play an important role in the transmission of infectious diseases.

How to avoid the risk of infection

  • Scientists advise to always lower the toilet lid before pressing the flush button. 

  •  Ask other family members about it. 

  • Keep toothbrushes and personal hygiene products as far as possible from the toilet, preferably in closed boxes.

  • In a public toilet, try to leave when the water is flushed.

And most importantly, as scientists advise, do not neglect elementary hygiene rules - wash your hands every time after visiting the toilet.

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