Vice Minister of National Defense General Wang Xinlong will lead a delegation to visit the United States and will participate in the "US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference" which is an important military and industrial communication platform between Taiwan and the United States from the 2nd to the 4th.

(File photo, photo by reporter Liao Zhenhui)

[Reporter Tu Jumin/Taipei Report] The "U.S.-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference", an important military and industrial communication platform for Taiwan and the United States, was held from the 2nd to the 4th Eastern Time. my country, as usual, was led by Vice Minister of Defense General Wang Xinlong. During the visit to the United States, it is rumored that the United States may send Jedidiah Royal, the chief deputy assistant secretary of defense for Indo-Pacific affairs, and others to attend.

It is worth noting that as the Ukrainian-Russian war affects the international situation and geopolitical changes, this year's meeting will discuss the impact of the incident on the situation in the Taiwan Strait and the evolution of strategic thinking.

The "U.S.-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference" is an annual semi-official political and military exchange platform between my country and the United States. In 2008, the then Defense Minister Tang Yaoming and Chen Zhaomin led a delegation to attend. Last year, due to epidemic prevention considerations, we sent Major General Yu Jianfeng, the head of the delegation to the United States, to attend.

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As for the level of participation of the US side, according to past records, the US Department of Defense has sent many deputy assistant ministers for Asia-Pacific and Indo-Pacific affairs to attend in recent years. This year, the attendance level will resume, with the participation of Jedidiah Royal, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Indo-Pacific Affairs, and representatives from the U.S. State Department and the American Institute in Taiwan.

According to the meeting schedule announced by the US side, our personnel arrived in Richmond, Virginia on the 2nd, Eastern Time, and will have several discussions and special speeches on the 3rd and 4th. Wang Xinlong delivered a speech on the morning of the 3rd. Ministry officials will also give keynote speeches at the dinner.

In addition, both Taiwan and the United States will explore the impact of the Ukrainian-Russian war on the situation in the Taiwan Strait and potential conflicts, as well as potential issues involving Taiwan, the United States, and China.

According to the plan of the meeting, in addition to the impact of the Ukraine-Russia war on the situation in the Taiwan Strait, it includes the planning and transformation of Taiwan's national defense strategy, the cooperation between Taiwan and the United States in training logistics and maintenance, improving deterrence capabilities and resilience, and whether US allies such as Japan and Australia can exert their deterrence. The ability to deal with potential conflicts in the Taiwan Strait, etc., and these meetings are all closed-door seminars.