Thousands of activists in Great Britain protested against rising energy prices and the climate crisis, DPA reported.

There were demonstrations in London, Glasgow, Belfast and other cities yesterday, coinciding with protests by postal and rail workers.

In London, striking rail workers outside King's Cross were supported by campaigners who called on the government to cut energy prices before winter temperatures plunge.

At the same time, members of the Revolutionary Communist Group and the Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion movements gathered outside Euston station, from where they headed to Westminster.

Some of them called for the overthrow of capitalism, which one of the posters called "the enemy of mother nature", while others seemed more moderate in their views.

By 3:30 p.m. local time, most of the marchers had left without any arrests.

There was a demonstration in Glasgow by supporters of the "Enough is Enough" campaign.

They were joined by striking union representatives, with the GMB's Chris Mitchell saying: "The working class is alive and kicking".

At a rally outside Belfast City Hall, it was heard that if the government does not take action, there could be deaths of hypothermic children during the winter months.

Northern Ireland Children's Commissioner Kula Yasuma said the government's assurances mean nothing if they are not backed up by appropriate action to address the crisis, adds BTA.

"Words will not feed our children, warm them, or give them a safe place to live," she said.

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