This past week...the sports fans in our country are full of happiness.

With happiness that is really overflowing. 

After the results of the Thai girls volleyball team, Thai national futsal players

and Thai beach football team 

They all surpassed according to the goals they set together!! 

Especially the young slapper who has become a favorite of all Thai people in the country.

With the world-beating results in the B line of the 2022 World Championship rubber battle 

From 4 wins, 1 defeat (won Turkey 3-2 sets, lost 0-3 Poland, defeated Croatia 3-0 sets, beat South Korea 3-0 sets and most recently, defeated the Dominicans 3-2 sets).  

Through to the finals in the second round or the last 16 teams already.

As well as the "war elephant small table team" that plays the Asian Futsal Championship in Kuwait 

also created a brilliant performance by turning over, winning Iraq 3-2, drawing with hosts Kuwait 2-2 and chasing Oman without raising 6-1.

Seize Group A champions, qualify for the quarter-finals, meet Tajikistan at 9pm on Tuesday night, October 4, the best!

Which here must be credited to the Thai godfather table, "Big Pom" Adisak Benjasiriwan.

Chair of the Vice President of the Football Association

Futsal and beach soccer to the fullest. 

Especially the decision to transfer blood Create a national team 'new blood futsal' seriously since the beginning of the year.

by changing both players and head coaches 

At first, it may still seem daunting..not quite right in the way.

Until causing the trend that a new coach like 'Carlos Cesar' is still out of hand or not?

But "Big Pom" was not shaken.

Let the Spanish coach have the opportunity to fully prove his skill.

without even intervening in the slightest

until Coach Cesar gradually made better results accordingly.

Most importantly, it almost never falls out of the target that has been set, but less, whether it is the ASEAN champion position.

SEA Games gold medal

that swept and possessed a weapon 

Until the "Futsal Asian Cup" this time, where the Thai small-table team broke through the 3 Arab teams to reach the knockout rounds.

And there is not a high chance to break the Tajikistan checkpoint to win in the playoffs ... further 

as well as the works of

"Thai beach football team" with "Coach Ek" ​​Sethakornchai Chuenta as the leader of the army 

Just did a great job.

With announcing the title of the 4th ASEAN Beach Soccer Championship "AFF Beach Soccer Championship 2022" for the second time in a row in Pattaya

by "Big Pom" Adisak as the chief

Do not forget to inject cross-country to Thai barefoot shins.. they are all happy.

It deserves to be the “leader” of the sport that he is responsible for… he has never failed. 

called this hour

If it's a sport, then...everyone agrees that both "volleyball" and "futsal" in our country. 

Has truly "stepped over ASEAN" to the Asian and global stage! 

When it's time to propose plans and budgets to the government's elders for consideration...everything is so easy and convenient. 

different from the situation of

"Thai Football Association" at this time 

a little something

got hit back

Let's go to review the reduction again..continue.  

It's not surprising at all...when there's news.

"The new prime minister" 

There must be a name of a person named “Adisak Benjasiriwan” popping up as a candidate…almost every time. 

Reinforcing what the ancient people said...

“The value of a person is based on the results of their work.” 

It's still true, absolutely true!!!   

- B Bangpakong -