The command center will not force the public to make an appointment for the next-generation vaccine within 3 days.

(Picture provided by Command Center)

[Reporter Lin Huiqin/Taipei Report] An unknown text message was recently circulated, "Notice of appointment for the next-generation COV1D-I9 vaccine, please make an appointment within 3 working days after receiving the text message." The Central Epidemic Command Center said today that the message was not official after investigation Send, the command center will not force the public to make an appointment for the next-generation vaccine within 3 days. This is false information, please do not believe it.

The command center clarified that the next-generation bivalent vaccine vaccination schedule and open targets, please follow the press conference of the command center to publish press releases and prototype information, and do not repost and spread false information.

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The command center also added that the Modena BA.1 next-generation bivalent vaccine has been open for the first phase of vaccination since September 24 this year, including the elderly over 65 years old, residents of long-term care institutions, and those over 18 years old with insufficiency and immunity For those who are inferior, the second phase of vaccination will be opened from tomorrow. Medical personnel, airport and port, home quarantine related staff and aviation crew/crew, institutional and social welfare care system related staff, adults aged 50 to 64, and those over 18 due to diplomatic , official business, negotiation and other work needs who need to go abroad.

To make an appointment for COVID-19 vaccination, you can refer to the COVID-19 Vaccination Institutes section on the official website of the CDC, and make an appointment at a medical institution that has announced contracts for COVID-19 vaccination in each county and city.

The command center reminds that the information related to epidemic prevention should be mainly released by official information. If you have any questions about the information, you can go to the official websites of government departments, such as the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of the Interior, and local health bureaus. Pay more attention to and verify the unknown information on the way of arrival, and do not spread it.

For details, please check the official website.

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