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"The most important priority should be the provision of energy. The economy is like people. If you reduce the supply of energy, you cannot achieve the same result. The problems of limiting access to cheap enough and in sufficient quantity of energy, we are already seeing them. It is not excluded as soon as possible to reach a stage in which the supply of electricity will be limited", commented the economist Assoc. Grigor Sariyski in the special election studio of Bulgaria ON AIR "The Big Bet".

"This crisis, which appeared at the beginning of this year, led to a very serious increase in the price level and to the difficulty of certain businesses. First of all, we see that for three months the price of oil has been continuously decreasing, despite all the problems that exist on this market. This has been happening with the price of gas for a month now. The problems with energy supply are being resolved. We will pass through this turbulent period. The enterprises that work directly with gas are most at risk. We are entering a recessionary period associated with an increase in interest rates, so consumption will also decrease, which will ease all the pressure from the point of view of energy raw materials," economist Yulian Voinov believes.  

According to Georgi Angelov, the interconnector with Greece changes things because of the price of gas.

He pointed out that Bulgaria has a competitive mix.

The economist pointed out that the right approach is to provide the Bulgarian industry with a cheaper energy resource, which makes it competitive on a European scale.

"The recession is knocking on the door. Some measures can be implemented, but it is more to quench the tensions in the social strata with the lowest incomes. The measures so far have been taken on a shoestring. When you limit Value Added Tax, you give the budget much more money to people with higher incomes than to the rest. This is what pumps up inflation. The measures that have been taken so far are counterproductive, but a few months before the end of its existence the parliament entered an election campaign, so these measures were logical, but not justified," Assoc. Sariyski emphasized.


Pekanov: Bulgaria asked Brussels for almost BGN 2.7 billion under the Recovery Plan

According to Voinov, Bulgaria is lagging behind the process of economic slowdown, but it is a fact that we mainly trade with the EU, so the slowdown of the European economy will affect Bulgaria.

The economist believes that the government has shown a desire to help all consumers equally, which should change and move to assessing the energy poor and people experiencing serious financial problems.

He added that consideration should also be given to a faster absorption of the funds that Bulgaria will receive from the Recovery Plan. 

"Ever since the beginning of the war, there were too pessimistic expectations of how everything would collapse. In fact, it turned out to be the exact opposite. It turned out that the Bulgarian economy occupies market niches that have been vacated by Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese companies. It turned out that the Bulgarian business is doing well, especially at this price of energy. Even global processes can be countered by economic policy. There will be many currents and winds blowing in different directions, but if we steer the ship right, we can catch a wind that is blowing us in the right direction. We must have a government and a parliament and use the resources from the EU," Angelov analyzed.