Some representatives of the so-called "Kremlin elites" are dissatisfied with Putin's imperial ambitions and are trying to find an opportunity to get away from the Russian dictator.

This was stated by the representative of the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Yusov, UNIAN informs.

According to him, currently some representatives of the Kremlin's top brass are searching for channels and communications with the West and Ukraine.

Russian "elites" want to secure themselves, their fortunes and distance themselves from the dictator.

The representative of GUR refused to name the surnames, because they "may still be needed."

"Therefore, let them remain secret for the time being. However, it can be stated that among the military and political leadership, especially among the business elite of today's Putin's Russia, far from everyone is delighted with the mess that "collective Putin" and a truly deranged dictator have brewed. Not everyone shares the historic positions of Medvedev, Patrushev, etc. With each new level of such escalation, with each new wave of mobilization, with each new percentage drop in Putin's rating, or certainly with the new successes of the Armed Forces in liberating the occupied territories, this party of peace in in the middle of Russia will definitely increase," says Yusov.

The representative of the GUR of the Ministry of Defense is certain: Putin is in for a fiasco.

The only question is what awaits the dictator: a political fiasco, an international tribunal, a palace coup or a street lynching.

Earlier, political expert Valery Klochok said that the removal of Putin by the elite could be one of the options for solving the crisis in Russia.

In his opinion, the Russian elite wants to remove the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, in order to preserve the current model of power.

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