Black-faced spoonbill observed in Budai Township, Chiayi County.

(Photo provided by Kaohsiung Bird Association)

[Reporter Lin Yizhang/Chiayi Report] As autumn approaches, the Budai Yantian Wetland in Chiayi County is a well-known bird watching area. The Kaohsiung City Wild Bird Association has adopted the 343-hectare old District 5, 9 and 10 in the Budai area by the State-owned Property Department of the Ministry of Finance. Yantian, last month held a free bird nature observation activity, and went to Xincen Park "Black Spoonbill to Jia" to appreciate the black-faced spoonbills stranded in cloth bags. The tour instructor Lin Kunhui said that in previous years, only a few dozen were observed. On the 18th, 49 were recorded. The maximum number of black pipi observed in July this year was 92, which was the largest number of stranded people observed in the Budai area over the years. The free bird watching event in October will be held on October 16th. Those who are interested in participating can register on the website of the Kaohsiung Wild Bird Society.

The Kaohsiung Bird Association stated that the free bird watching event will last from September to April of the following year, and the event will be held on the third Sunday of each month from 8:30 am to 11:30 a.m. at the Budai Wetland Ecological Park; the Bird Association said, The habitat quality of the Budai Wetland Ecological Park is good, and the birds are in good condition, including the common back-billed plover, green-footed sandpiper, little green-footed sandpiper, bare-footed sandpiper, little tern, oriental ring-necked plover, small ring-necked plover, and black-tailed sandpiper. Wait.

On the day of observation, it was found that the white-browed duck appeared in the Budai Wetland Ecological Park. The white-browed duck is a common transit geese and duck in spring and autumn. It is a signal that the geese and ducks are coming to Taiwan in winter, which means that thousands of geese and ducks will appear in the Budai Yantian Wetland. This winter.

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The guide instructor Qiu Caishu said that the adult black-faced spoonbill rests in the core area of ​​Route 17 in Budai Guozhong and Taiwan during the day. They stay in Taiwan and wait for the adult birds that come back from afar in winter to spend the winter together in Taiwan, and wait until April next year. Returning to the north to breed, it is now October, and the black-faced spoonbill will slowly arrive in Taiwan.

The Kaohsiung Bird Association stated that the vast Yantian Wetland in Budai is rich in bird ecological resources and salt industry cultural history. In order to preserve the environment, the cooperation of public and private sectors is required. Budai Yantian Wetland is the largest gathering place for waterbirds in Taiwan. , The Bird Association launched the "Budai Salt Field Wetland Guardian Partner Recruitment Program" to invite the public to protect the precious migratory bird paradise.

Black-tailed Sandpiper.

(Photo provided by Kaohsiung Bird Association)

The Kaohsiung Bird Society held a free bird watching event in Budai Town, Chiayi County, and the public actively participated.

(Photo provided by Kaohsiung Bird Association)