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The accident that interrupted the power supply in six villages in Lovechko has been removed, announced the regional governor of Lovech, Eng. Svetoslav Slavchev.

The strong wind broke a power line - medium voltage, which supplies the villages of Bahovitsa, Lisets, Slavyani, Slatina and Skobelevo.

The electricity also went out in the village of Malinovo. 

The chairman of the Regional Election Commission (RIC) in Lovech, Valentina Nedyalkova, told BTA that there was no problem with voting in these villages.

Portable units were delivered by the fire department.

Nedyalkova added that there is a problem with the lighting in the village of Radyuvene, but the voting machine is working.

If necessary, a unit will be delivered there as well, and teams of the electricity distribution company are working to eliminate the accident, Slavchev pointed out.

Due to the strong wind today, the police in Lovech received a number of reports of fallen trees in various places in the district.

There were no injuries or closed roads, the regional directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

Six hunting villages were left without electricity

an accident

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