The atmosphere after the covid-19 epidemic has eased, and each country must speed up the recovery of the economy to recover as quickly as possible.

A fun marketing competition to bring money back to business and bring money into the country.

is a competition to draw tourists from all over the world back into their own country

The most exciting thing for Thai people who want to travel abroad is the announcement of

Mr. Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of Japan.

During a trip to New York City

To join the United Nations General Assembly on September 23, 2022 that Japan will open the country to tourists without visas.

and allow them to travel by themselves, without having to go through a tour company

including lifting restrictions on entry to the country of 50,000 people per day starting from October 11, 2022 onwards

Suddenly, the next day,

the Japan Tourism-Visit Japan Facebook

page immediately posted information that Okaerinasai!

(Okaerinasai) which means Welcome back to Japan!

“Thanks to everyone who has dreamed of a trip to Japan over the past few years, it's time for that dream to come true.

Because Japan has announced measures for foreign tourists who will come to stay in Japan for a short period of time as follows: visa exemption measures

can go on tour

and able to travel on their own. This will be effective from 11 October 2022 onwards.”

It was at the same time that the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) led the Thai tourism sector to join the Tourism EXPO Japan 2022 (TEJ) to bring Japanese tourists back to Thailand at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center, Tokyo, Japan.

It is the largest tourism promotion event in the region.

This year marks the 34th year and is the return of the event in 2 years after the epidemic situation of COVID-19.

as a forum to negotiate business in tourism

Along with the announcement that Japanese tourists will come back to Thailand.

Under the word "Imakoso Thai He" (Imakoso Thaie) or It's time to go to Thailand : It's time to come back to Thailand.

would have to sit and win that competition between

Okaerinasai : Welcome back to Japan.

With Imakoso Thaie : It's time to come back to Thailand.

The market competition of these two countries

Thai people will go to Japan more.

Or will Japanese people come to Thailand more?

Busy traveling in two countries

In the view of

Mr. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Tourism and Sports

commented on this matter:

When Japan is open to foreign tourists

I believe that Thai people will definitely travel to Japan.

But at the same time, Japanese people flock to Thailand as well, so from October onwards.

Traveling between these two countries is definitely bustling.

while Mr. Singthong Lapseedphan

Ambassador of Thailand

In Tokyo, said the Japanese government eased foreign tourists to travel to Japan more easily.

Because Japan also needs foreign tourists to revitalize the economy.


When the Japanese government lifts restrictions on entry into the country, it will make it easier for Japanese people who travel abroad to return to the country.

Compared to the current period, the Japanese government limited the number of people entering the country to 50,000 per day, including both Japanese and foreigners.

“It has to be said that Japan's tourism industry has pressured the Japanese government to open up the country asap.

And would like to see the opening of the country to receive Thai tourists as an example. Therefore, the timing of the TAT came to market Japanese tourists by joining forces with 7 major Japanese travel agencies to create special packages to promote Japanese people to travel to Thailand. So it's the right time.”

Japan announces easing conditions

Returning to the Japanese side on September 26, 2022 at the meeting of the Secretary-General of the Cabinet.

Japanese government

has announced details about the easing measures to travel to Japan

Effective from October 11, 2022 onwards with the following lenient content: 1. Allow foreigners to enter Japan.

No need to submit an ERFS document issued by a tour operator/land operator.

in japan

At the same time, the stipulation that foreign tourists must use tour packages only to enter Japan has been lifted.

2. To come back to use the visa exemption measures to enter Japan again.

3. No need to test for COVID while in the process of immigration in Japan.

(except those with symptoms of COVID-19).

A certificate of vaccination against COVID (3 doses), a brand as declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) on the emergency use list (JNTO will provide details on this later), or present a certificate of coronavirus testing. Negative tested within 72 hours before departure from Thailand.

4. To cancel the latest version of the terms that

A maximum of 50,000 total visitors to Japan are allowed per day.

5. Let the airports, including ports that are not currently open for travel from abroad, cooperate with local authorities in preparing for flights and routes from abroad.

and when such preparations are ready

to continue to accept travel from abroad

Thai tour companies see an opportunity to recover

Thanaphon Cheewaratanaporn, vice president of the Thai Travel Services Association (TTAA), which has members as a tour company that takes Thai people to travel abroad, said that although Japan will announce the opening of the country on October 11, 2022, but still There were no immediate trips as there were fewer flights in October than normal.

But from November onwards, it's definitely busy.

because after the Japanese government announced the opening of the country

Now the airlines

Prepared to fully open the route to Japan is expected in November will have up to 80,000 seats per month.

Close to the month of November, 2019, before the outbreak of COVID-19

“This time called the Japanese government fully open the country.

because I don't see what brand of vaccination people who travel to Japan

Previously, it did not accept the Sinovac and Sino Farm vaccines. The new condition says that they can only request for a vaccine that has been approved by the World Health Organization, so Thai people who have been vaccinated with Sinovac and Sino Farm can get in.”

As for the price of tour packages, it must be said that the price will be 20-30% more expensive than the pre-Covid-19 period because air fares are higher according to world oil prices.

But I believe that there will definitely be a lot of Thai people wanting to travel to Japan.

Because it is the autumn leaves festival in the 11th month to the 12th month, continuing until the New Year.

For those who want a cheaper airfare, they may need to transfer in Manila.

of the Philippines

or to change device in Malaysia

Which there are people who actually organize groups like this.

Because people are popular to travel to Japan.

because you don't need a visa

This makes it better than going to Europe where you need to apply for a visa and wait months to get it.

The price is cheaper than traveling to Europe.

“The most popular destination is still Tokyo.

to see Mount Fuji

Or if anyone wants to go to Japan but a little cheaper, they may choose to go to Fukuoka.

The price is about 20,000 baht in the middle because it's close to Thailand, flying a few hours.

Most tour companies will arrange travel packages to Japan for 5-6 days.”

and must emphasize that Thai people who travel by themselves without going through a tour company

Able to stay in Japan for a maximum of 15 days. If you wish to stay longer, you will need to apply for a visa before travelling.

draws Japan to Thailand 1.25 million

Coming to the Tourism Authority of Thailand

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, revealed that now is a good time for the Japanese government to prepare to open the country.

TAT aims that within this year, it will draw 350,000 Japanese tourists to Thailand, generating revenue of 75,000 million baht. From January 1 to September 20, there have been 166,709 Japanese tourists coming to Thailand. people, therefore, the rest of this year must be at least 180,000 people.

Meanwhile, in 2023, 1.25 million Japanese tourists must return to Thailand, representing 70% of the Japanese who had traveled in 2019, which was before the COVID-19 outbreak.

with 1.78 million Japanese coming to Thailand, generating income of 93,759 million baht

However, to fix various weaknesses

of the Japanese tourist market

TAT has joined with 7 Japanese tour operators, namely HIS, JALPAK, JTB, NOE, TOBU Top Tour, NTA, and AIR TRIP, to present a promotional activity "COSMO" by jointly creating a travel package. A special package of 10,000 packages to attract Japanese tourists to Thailand in the 4th quarter (Oct.-Dec.) onwards.

TAT gave the question that

Must create a package that creates more new Japanese tourists.

It must cause the travel of more female Japanese tourists.

by letting the travel company think

Under the same travel package price, it is requested to design more days of stay in Thailand in order to allow Japanese tourists to spend more in Thailand.

Because the cost per person per trip for Japanese people is still low.

which these packages

The Tourism Authority of Thailand will join to support the discounts and increase activities.

Promotional activities "COSMO" consist of C : Corporate Trip Extension : Been there for 5 days, TAT gives 2 more days by giving special privileges to create incentives.

O : Older on luxperience : Invite the elderly to live a luxurious and happy life in Thailand.

S : Solo traveler privacy : Offers special privileges for women.

M: Me & Mom & more friends : Promote package design for Japanese women.

Traveling with mom or 2 or more friends, TAT offers special benefits

O : Outdoor Sports Special offers for young tourists such as good golf courses, best diving schools in the world.

Thai people do not stop shopping in Japan.

Mr. Thanet Petchsuwan, Deputy Governor for Marketing Asia

and the South Pacific. TAT said that they are worried about spending money and shopping by Thai people in Japan. As can be seen from 2019, 1.75 million Japanese visited Thailand, generating income of 75,000 million baht, while Thai people traveled to Japan 1.25 million people, although less than 500,000 Japanese come to Thailand, but Thai people spend in Japan as much as Japanese people spend in Thailand

However, according to the survey, the number of flights and seats increased by the end of this year.

making sure to drive Japanese tourists to Thailand as targeted

Although the yen is weak against the US dollar.

But it is worthwhile to travel to Thailand.


Since the Japanese government announced the opening of the country

Various airlines compete immediately, for example, Thai Airways organizes a special ticket promotion.

Welcoming the return of direct flights to Fukuoka starting October 30, Economy class starts at 15,385 baht, Business class starts at 59,920 baht.

and Thai Airways Winter season Bangkok-Tokyo (Narita) 14 flights per week Bangkok-Tokyo (Haneda) 7 flights per week Bangkok-Nagoya 7 flights per week Bangkok-Osaka 7 flights per week Fly Bangkok-Fukuoka 7 flights per week Bangkok-Sapporo 7 flights per week, starting from December 1, 2022 onwards.

while Thai Air Asia

and Thai AirAsia X

Ready to fly direct to Tokyo-Osaka-Sapporo-Fukuoka

After Japan opened countries such as Thai AirAsia X, Tokyo 7 flights per week.

Prices start at 4,690 baht per way Osaka 4 flights per week.

Prices start at 4,590 baht per way, starting October 2, 2022 on the Sapporo route, 3 flights per week.

Prices start at 8,390 baht per way, starting from January 1, 2023.

Thai Air Asia

Fly to Fukuoka four times a week.

Prices start at 3,690 baht per way, starting from October 12 onwards.

And there are also promotions throughout the year 2023.

All this to meet the popular destinations of Thai people.

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