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All results are welcome.

It is still too early to comment on final results.

This was stated by the leader of "Bulgarian Rise" Stefan Yanev

By decree of President Rumen Radev dated May 12, 2021, Stefan Yanev was appointed acting.

“When the results are final, we will comment further.

Whether the score is low or high is a matter of further conversation.

We said at the outset that we are entering this campaign from the ground up, with opportunities to do our best so that our members and supporters are satisfied.

We didn't have enough time.

We probably did the cheapest campaign.

The results are good," he summarized.

GERB-SDS wins the parliamentary elections

Yanev refused to comment on who they would not work with.

"The main duty of all parties in parliament is to interact.

We are there so we can work.

The main task before all parties in the parliament is to do what is necessary to produce a majority and a cabinet that will guide Bulgaria through the series of crises.

Whether it will be an expert cabinet or a cabinet of salvation is a conversation that needs to take place.

The red lines of "Bulgarian Rise" are the national interests.

I will not comment now on parties with which we would not work.

We are for a strong Bulgaria in a strong European Union," he stressed.

Violeta Komitova, for her part, stated that she was satisfied with the results.

She believes that "Bulgarian Rise" ran a positive campaign in which there was no lying.

Rumen Petkov, for his part, outlined the low voter turnout as a problem.

Stefan Yanev