The North Korean defector organization "Free North Korea Movement" has repeatedly airdropped anti-Kim Jong-un propaganda to North Korea with balloons. This is a photo of the airdrop in 2021.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The North Korean defector organization "Free North Korea Movement Alliance" last night in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, at the border between North and South Korea, sent anti-Kim Jong-un propaganda and anti-epidemic materials to North Korea with 8 large balloons. Can't stop it, the balloon has already floated into North Korea.

According to the "Yonhap News Agency" report, the "Free North Korea Movement Alliance" admitted today that they also hung a large banner on the balloon "All mankind condemns (North Korean leader) Kim Jong-un's threat to use nuclear missiles to preemptively attack the Republic of Korea", and related airdrops also include masks and epidemic prevention. Drugs, vitamin C, human rights documentaries produced by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, etc.

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South Korean police have brought back Park Sang-hak, head of the Free North Korea Movement, for questioning.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, the group has repeatedly made propaganda related to North Korean airdrops.