A British soldier was found suddenly dead in a barracks after the Queen's state funeral.

The picture shows the Grenadier Guard carrying the Queen's coffin at Windsor Castle.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] 18-year-old soldier Jack Burnell-Williams (Jack Burnell-Williams), an 18-year-old soldier who participated in the state funeral of the Queen of England, was found dead in Hyde Park Barracks (Hyde Park Barracks) a few days ago. He was dead when the police arrived. consciousness.

The police investigating the case said homicide was ruled out for now, but the detailed reasons were yet to be clarified.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, Williams was unable to respond when he was found. Ambulances and police cars were immediately rescued after arriving at the scene.

It is reported that Williams played a key role in the state funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth, walking behind the coffin responsible for maintaining order in the procession and making the procession go smoothly.

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In this regard, an Army spokesman said, "This is a difficult time, and our thoughts will always be with Williams' family and friends." He also hoped that the media would respect the Williams family's privacy.