Voter turnout is 3 to 5% lower than in the last parliamentary elections in November 2021, said sociologist Boryana Dimitrova from "Alpha Research" in the BNT studio.

"This is a result of both the people's agenda and their concerns, as well as the messages of politicians who did not meet these concerns and problems. Fatigue, apathy, and a lack of hope speak for themselves," she said.

There is no drama in the voter turnout - the number of voters decreased by about 150,000 fewer people, commented Gallup sociologist Kancho Stoychev.

Voter turnout at 7:15 p.m.

"It would have been more surprising to have a spike in voter turnout against the background of the disappointment of the Bulgarian voters. One part of the disappointed ones change the team. There is one part of the disappointed ones who miss the elections. They have decided to punish those they consider to have performed poorly everything," he added.