The double ten consecutive holiday is approaching, the average booking rate of Hualien’s three-day holiday is more than 60%, and the amusement park industry has launched a new float parade song.

(Photo by reporter Wang Junqi)

[Reporter Wang Junqi / Hualien Report] Double ten consecutive holidays are approaching. The average booking rate of Hualien’s three-day holiday is over 60%. For fares, Suhua Corridor will implement periodical vehicle type control to relieve peak traffic.

For the Huadong area affected by the earthquake, the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications has launched the second phase of group tours since October with an additional 10,000 yuan, from the maximum subsidy of 30,000 yuan per group to 40,000 yuan, to boost the group's popularity.

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Zhang Xuanhan, chairman of the Hualien County Hotel and Commercial Association, said that the average double-ten holiday booking rate was 50-60%, compared with more than 70% in the same period in previous years. This year is indeed worse. In a short period of time, people still have doubts and scruples about the earthquake, which led to the booking rate. slow down.

Ye Chenjin, chairman of the Hualien County Homestay Association, said that in terms of room reservations in the northern and central districts, the three-day homestay booking rate is over 60%, but about 60% in the southern district due to the earthquake, but the weather will be cooler and the hot spring season will come. Start running, I believe the booking rate will continue to rise.

Currently, Farglory Yuelai Hotel is full for the Double Ten consecutive holiday; Fullon Hualien and Ideal Land are about 80%; Ruisui Tianhe International Tourist Hotel is 90%. There is still an opportunity to increase the booking rate and lock in individual guests.

Farglory Ocean Park is equipped with consecutive holidays to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opening of the park, launching a new parade of floats, updating songs, and upgrading hardware and software facilities. It is expected that the number of tourists may increase by 30% to 50%.

General Manager Shen Jianshao said that even after the holiday, the regional theme parks will be partially closed to expand their amusement equipment, and will open on the eve of next year's Spring Festival.

The General Administration of Highways said that it is estimated that during the double ten consecutive holidays, in addition to returning home and receiving vacation trips, the Suhua Road Corridor will mainly focus on sightseeing trips. It will plan to set up buses during peak hours in Suao and Chongde areas. Priority access measures.

In addition, the public is encouraged to take passenger transport. Hold the Beiyi and Beihua National Highway passenger tickets to the east, and purchase the Taiwan Good Travel Experience Package or stay at the local legal accommodation. You can enjoy round-trip tickets for 4 people traveling with 1 person for free, and the return trip can be deducted 200 Yuan.

During the Double Ten consecutive holiday, the General Administration of Highways launched a limited event for passengers to enjoy discounts in the eastern part of the country.

(Photo by reporter Wang Junqi)