The school industry trade unions at all levels in Miaoli proposed seven major education policies, and Xie Fuhong, the nominee for the county magistrate of the Kuomintang, proposed a commitment plan.

(Provided by Xie Fuhong Campaign Headquarters)

[Reporter Zhang Xunteng/Miaoli Report] In response to the recent expressions of concerns about the educational environment by the industrial trade unions of schools at all levels in Miaoli and put forward seven educational policy appeals, Xie Fuhong, a candidate for the mayor of Miaoli nominated by the Kuomintang, emphasized today that he had also worked in mathematics when he was young. Teacher, understand the far-reaching impact of education, but the central government seems to only worry about the interests of schools, and the Ministry of Education has no intention to help teachers. He deeply agrees and supports the seven education policies proposed by the industrial unions of schools at all levels in Miao County, and looks forward to being elected. The county magistrate worked together to improve the educational environment in Miaoli in an all-round way.

Xie Fuhong pointed out that the seven major education policies were a heavy appeal to the central government by people in the education industry in Miaoli, but the central government controlled the media to be busy with election struggles and turned a deaf ear to the reforms expected by the education sector. Make up more than 23%, and make education governance plans and funds transparent.

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In the administrative reduction part, the reduction of official documents will also be promoted. For teachers who also run lunch, information, cooperatives and other businesses and teachers who are part-time administrative staff, the evaluation will further reduce the number of teaching periods and increase the school's full-time administrative manpower.

In the protection of the rights and interests of acting teachers, it will be discussed that all acting teachers can enjoy the rights and interests of the current "extended employment" policy and enjoy the full annual salary for the full employment period.

As for the selection of new teachers, in addition to the management and control of future class reductions and excess posts, the policy that the numerical control of each school's posts should not be higher than 8% will be implemented, so that more outstanding teachers can enter the educational workplace through the examination channel.

As for the approved hours of teacher assistants in Miao County, 20 hours per week, it is not in line with the actual situation of the current education scene. Compared with the 8 hours per day in other counties and cities, Miao County still has a lot of room for improvement, and the allocation of education funds should be adjusted. , to achieve the 40-hour limit per week, to protect the right to education of special education students and the basic right to work of special education assistants.

In the section of primary school innovation support, due to the large number of primary schools in rural areas in Miao County, through "mixed-age education, cross-grade teaching, innovative experimental education, rural creation bases, combined localized childcare and community elderly care services, Develop lifelong learning base schools. In the part of public education health check adjustment, the relevant plans should be reviewed as a whole.

In addition to the hard-working grass-roots teachers, the police and consumer brothers who guard the safety of the county residents 24 hours a day should be included to implement the government's responsibility to take care of the hard-working police, consumer and public education on the front line of Miao County.