The 27-year-old rapper Walkie T (Ivan Petunin) committed suicide because of the mobilization.

The sad news was announced in Russian Telegram channels.

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The young man received a summons, but he could not imagine that he had to kill someone.

Before his death, Walkie T posted a video message in which he stated the following: "I cannot and do not want to take upon my soul the sin of murder. I am not ready to kill for any ideals. For me, killing a person - in war or just for fun - is something I cannot do. I have no right to take a machine gun and shoot people."

Russian blogger: The mobilization is not partial, but indiscriminate and general

Walkie T adds that he has a reprieve from mobilization as he has been in a psycho-neurological dispensary.

"But it seems to me that in the coming days the partial mobilization will turn into a full one," he says.

The young man asks for forgiveness from all who love him and says that he has the right to at least decide how to die - whether at the hands of the people "we attacked" or to choose death himself, thus expressing his last protest.

He died by jumping from a height.

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