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A kind of slow voting record was set in the Komluka Roma district in Burgas.

A seriously spoiled man literally fought the machine for five minutes, but finally managed to cast his vote.

Election day there takes place with extremely low voter turnout.

In the neighborhood, where three anti-vote-buying actions have been held in recent days, the morning was unusually deserted.

The polling stations were also empty.

The machines proved to be a serious challenge for the population in the neighborhood.

A mother and son from two parties participated in the same SIC in Burgas

78-year-old Emine was still afraid to vote by machine.

She claims she can read "more or less" and also that the "numbers are very small" but they will help her vote.

After more than three minutes, Emine still managed to let her voice out.

"We had a voter who had consumed alcohol and it took him 5 minutes or more to vote," said Liliana Genova, the chairman of the SIC in the "Pobeda" district. 

Locals comment that no one offers them money to vote anymore.

"They stopped the water, there is no electricity in the village! How will they vote", commented another of the voters, reported Bulgaria ON AIR.