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"The voter turnout at 17:00 is a little lower than what we had in November, but let's not forget that there were two elections then. Active hours are ahead. Usually people vote in the last hours. Historically for Bulgaria, this is record low activity", political scientist and executive director of Gallup International Parvan Simeonov told Bulgaria ON AIR.

According to him, our compatriots in Turkey are the most active.

"Parties mean programs and sometimes philosophy. There are electorates that respond party-wise. Those that respond by majority, and those that almost shrink the image of the leader. In these elections, the most hard-liners vote. They have not yet intoxicated some fringe that to vote personally oriented, not ideologically," commented the political scientist. 

CEC: 25.58% voter turnout at 4 p.m.

Parvan Simeonov pointed out that back in the years we called low voter turnout even from 3.5 million voters.

"Last year we voted 6 times, one time was together with other elections. There is a certain fatigue among people. They are not adventurous. This means that they are not so active," he added. 

"Many people say that the cabinet is not on every side. People have expectations for a government. The most unpleasantly surprised will be those party leaders who trusted themselves the most. No dramatic differences in expectations are noticeable," concluded Simeonov. 

Parvan Simeonov