Wanli Wannian Temple, Nanshi Nan District, today distributed Double Ninth Festival gift money to seniors who are registered in Wanli community and over the age of 600 yuan per person.

(Picture provided by Nanshi Municipal Government)

[Reporter Cai Wenju/Tainan report] The Double Ninth Festival is approaching, Wanli Wannian Temple, Nan District, Tainan City today distributed the Double Ninth Festival gift money to the seniors who are registered in the Wanli community and over the age of 600 yuan each to show respect for the elderly .

Temple officials said more than 2,600 seniors were eligible this year.

The temple official said that in order to thank the believers who have been devoted to the Wannian Temple for a long time and have been generous in sponsoring, the believer representative meeting was approved in 2016. Before the Double Ninth Festival every year, each believer who has reached the age of 65 in the Shujiwanli community will be issued to each believer. The 600 yuan gift for the Double Ninth Festival has been distributed for the 7th year.

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Wang Jinzhu, the chairman of Wannian Hall, said that Wannian Hall is a great local temple. It upholds the kindness of taking it from the society and using it for the society, and distributes Chongyang gifts to the elderly. I hope that every senior can celebrate the Chongyang Festival. Believers will donate to the temple after they receive them, so that the kindness can be passed on continuously.

Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe attended the distribution event today and wished the elderly a happy Double Ninth Festival.

He expressed his gratitude to Wanniandian for taking care of the residents over the years and making a lot of contributions to the place.

On September 29, the Nanshi Municipal Government has distributed Chongyang Respect for the Elderly, health insurance benefits and epidemic prevention subsidies totaling 3,000 yuan. All aboriginal elders who are 65 years old and over 55 years old and registered in Tainan City can receive it. Reminder Everyone remember to confirm the account, and I hope that the whole mayor will spend the Double Ninth Festival happily.