For Bulgarians in North Macedonia, election day started normally.

A total of 7 sections are located there, which is a record number to date.

By noon, only 15 people had voted, there were no reports of violations.

There are 181 voting applications. 

Ivan Genchev believes that it is the right of every Bulgarian to cast his vote.

He predicts great interest in the election. 

Only 15 people voted in the RSM

In the Consulate in Bitola, the vote started at 08.00 Bulgarian time due to the time difference of the RSM.

In 30 minutes, not a single person voted.

About 100,000 citizens of the country have the right to exercise their vote because of their Bulgarian passports. 

The Bulgarians in the RSM told NOVA that they do not want to go to the polls because they are afraid of the official authorities. 

According to Lyubcho Georgievski, voters are afraid that they will be photographed, so they do not want to give statements.

Meanwhile, the Macedonian media came out with a provocative headline asking where are the 100,000 Bulgarians that our country wants to be included in the Constitution, since the applications are so few.

At 20:00 Macedonian time, 21:00 Bulgarian time, the election day will end.

And today a Macedonian television came out with a provocative headline: "Where did those 100 thousand Bulgarians who Sofia claims live in Macedonia disappear?".