Sunshine Foundation therapist Lv Jingyi (right) encouraged and affirmed her wounded friend Miaomiao (left) for winning the "Brave First Award".

(Photo by reporter Li Rongping)

[Reporter Li Rongping/Taoyuan Report] The Sunshine Foundation Taozhu Center held an annual rehabilitation commendation activity on the afternoon of the 2nd, praising 6 rehabilitation role models. The hairdressing industry has been in the hairdressing industry for nearly 16 years. There was a burn accident the year before last, and 60% of the body was burned at 2 to 3 degrees. The depth of the burn was too deep, and both hands were almost amputated. A word from her daughter when she visited the hospital made her decide to be strong, He worked harder for rehabilitation. After 880 days of rehabilitation, he resumed his hairdressing work and held a free haircut at the foundation, hoping to give back to the society as much as he could.

Miaomiao, who is engaged in the hairdressing industry, suffered severe burns and scalds all over her body due to a gas explosion during cooking the year before. Recalling the days in the hospital, her charred hands were treated by doctors for debridement and surgery. She lived in the intensive care unit for 2 months. Nightmare, when my daughter visited the hospital for the first time, she was wrapped in gauze and a tube was inserted. The daughter just burst into tears and said, "I believe my mother will get better." This sentence made her decide to be strong.

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Miaomiao said that in the past two years, 25 operations have been performed, including reconstruction of the nose and eyes. For more than half a year, she was unable to eat and bathe by herself, and it took 3 to 4 hours to change the dressing. However, her daughter not only encouraged her to It's getting better and better, and her husband also accompanies her with humor to make her happy. She feels that she owes her family. The only thing she can do is to work hard for 7 hours a day to rehabilitate. Meow was so moved that she picked up the scissors again.

Cherish and be grateful to be able to pick up scissors to serve others again. Meow Meow has held 6 free scissors at the Sunshine Foundation Taozhu Center, hoping to change from the helper to the helper, to serve more people and give back to the society.

Shu Jingxian, CEO of Sunshine Foundation, said that rehabilitation is a very difficult long-distance running, including therapists, social workers and every work partner who are the runners of the injured and sick. forward cycle.

Since the Sunshine Foundation established the Taozhu Center in 2015, the center selects rehabilitation models from more than 200 wounded and sick patients every year, so as to drive a positive cycle among the wounded and sick and their peers.

Shu Jingxian (left), CEO of Sunshine Foundation, presented the "Brave First Award" certificate to affirm the successful recovery of the wounded friend Miaomiao (right).

(Photo by reporter Li Rongping)

Sunshine Foundation's wounded friend A Wei (from right), A Hui, Miao Miao and mouth friend A Cai support and cheer each other.

(Photo by reporter Li Rongping)