In Finland, where Russian defectors fled en masse from Putin's mobilization, Russians began to be resettled in centers where Ukrainian refugees live.

This was announced on the social network by a well-known Ukrainian blogger under the nickname "Fashik Donetsky".

"In Finland, Russian deserters are settled in Ukrainian refugee centers, where mostly women and children live," the blogger reported and attached screenshots from a local group where Ukrainians discuss this problem.

Judging by the comments, such incidents happened in the cities of Salo, Halliko, Pori, Uusikaupunki, Turku and others.

"We live in a refugee center... Many Russian men have been settled in our center. Most of the residents (of the center. - Ed.) are women with children who fled the war from Mariupol, Kherson, Izyum and other regions. Everyone is simply are in a state of shock and don't understand how to explain to their children and themselves how to continue living next to people whose country is killing you," wrote one of the Ukrainian women.

In particular, in the city of Khaliko, Ukrainian women worry about their safety and the safety of their children because of crowds of "bearded Chechens" and other Russians.

Ukrainians emphasize that such a step by the Finns can be compared to the rape victim's relatives of the rapist.

The refugees warn the Finns that they do not understand at all "what trouble they are letting into their home and what may await them in the near future."

Earlier it was reported that an 8-year-old Ukrainian girl was found with stab wounds in Ireland, and her unconscious mother was nearby.

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